The George Cables Songbook


In the 1970s and ’80s, George Cables was the pianist of choice for saxophonists Dexter Gordon and Art Pepper and he also recorded a lot with jazz stars Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson and Frank Morgan. On Cables’ own new album, it’s all personal. He’s a terrific pianist, but his new album illuminates his gifts as a composer as much as his skill at the keyboard. Cables’ student and outstanding vocalist in her own right, Sarah Elizabeth Charles has written lyrics for a number of Cables’ instrumental numbers and she appears on the album to deliver them with a real sense of swing, style and sensitivity. Reedman Craig Handy is also featured as is percussionist Steve Kroon, adding some extra subtle color to the proceedings. But the dominant leitmotif throughout it all is Cables and his piano playing which, with all its ease of execution and non-flashy excellence, is always present to give good taste a good name.

Album Credits

George Cables, piano
Essiet Essiet, bass
Victor Lewis, drums
Sarah Elizabeth Charles, vocals
Craig Handy, saxophones & flute
Steven Kroon, percussion


1. Traveling Lady
2. AKA Reggie
3. The Dark the Light
4. For Honey Lulu
5. Melodious Funk
6. Face the Consequences
7. Colors of Light
8. Think on Me
9. The Mystery of Monifa Brown
10. Baby Steps
11. Suite for Sweet Rita